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Education Background
  • Increase the development activities for the Transgender

    In our Global charitable trust, we are Increasing the development activities for the Transgender, Instead of running an orphanage home or old age home. The reason behind this activities are given below.

    What is the reason for the child to be orphan or old age people neglected by their children and sent to old age home.?

    Some parents or people who give birth to a child in an illegal way might think this child will be a shame to their family and will throw them to the garbage or leave them in the road or handover to the orphanage trust.

    Same way when the child grows and become a man, does not care for their parents and leave them in old age home.

    When Old age home, orphanage home, trust and the people of the society starts to think about this issue and act, that itself will be a solution to this issue. That's why we at Global charitable trust don't involve in orphanage and old age activities. Instead we work to Increase the development activities for the Transgender.

    There are lots of skilled transgender in various fields. Our motto is to bring the transgender into limelight with the kind of skill they possess. Most human being follows lots of traditional myths, work hard and dedicate their life for their family. Some of them for the sake of money go abroad and earn lots of money losing their young age. They can earn money any time but they can't get back to their young age. Some people who work in their own country involve themselves in the illegal activities followed by their organisation. The reason behind this is the necessity for money and also the circumstances they face. If we have a Transgender placed in a superior position in an organisation, they will have enough money to take care of their basic needs and don't have to save for their forthcoming generation. Due to this, the illegal activities can be stopped in the organisation and so our Global charitable trust is concentrating to Increase the development activities for the Transgender