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Education Background
  • Save the world without drugs

    The basic necessity of human beings are Food, Air, Water, Shelter, Clothes. Nowadays medicine is getting one among this. It is hard to find a human being without disease in this scientific world.

    Globalization has makes many countries to lost its culture, applications, agriculture, food habits, medical practices, languages etc., To secure our humanity we should take steps to rescue whatever we have lost due to globalization.

    We should have a thought of saving our legacy oriented practices such as culture, applications, agriculture, food habits, medical practices, languages etc., to our clan.

    In the worldwide, government is recommending for the Allopathy medicines. Humans self thought is getting affected by those medical practices.

    Medical practices is affecting all our human rights and our health too. According to WHO, 104 methods is a solution to overcome this medical practices

    Homeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, unani, china medicines are some of the Clinical practices followed in our country. In Acupuncture, there is no practices of giving medicines such as tablets, syrups etc., but it cures any kind of disease by using a needle or by a touch over with finger.

    In India, acupunture was founded by Dr.Pazhur Rahman and Dr. Siddique Jamal. When acupuncture was originated it act as a remedy for the simple treatment but nowadays it evolves to cure all the diseases.This great invention is made possible by the Father of Indian Acupuncture Dr. Pazhur Rahman. The word “Indian Acupuncture” has the meaning , understanding the conditions of human health and providing treatment. The Philosophy of acupuncture has the practise of analysing body stream, removing the excreta. The main pros beyond this clinical practices is it doesn’t refer any other medical practices. This practice without medicines has the power of analysing the disease via stream flow in our body. It heals the disease by identifying the acupoint in the body. Nature has an effect. We should enhance our life with the nature to lead a happy life. We should have a food , water or sleep at regular intervals. Having such practices will helps to discharge the waste material from the body and in turn protects you from diseases

    Love the nature; Live with the Nature;

    Introduction :

    Human body has a dramatic energy. Our scholar has given the specialization for the birth as human beings.

    2000 years ago. Out great poet Thiruvalluvar has written a great Kural about this is as follows “மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக் கருந்திய தற்றது போற்றி உணின்”

    The meaning behind this Kurral is “There is no need of any medicine for the body, if a person consumes food, after noticing the signs of the proper digestion of the previous in-take”

    A great female poet Avvaiyar has said we have to consume a food only when we feels hungry.

    Now a days we are coming across Several contradiction in food practices.Even today there are some people who used to consume food on time. Apart from this, there is a fact of getting affected by ulcer unless we have food on time.

    There is no contradiction lies for the fact of having food on time. We must have a food only when we feels hungry. Food we intake during the time of appetite is been rejected by our body even it is a nutritious food. “Food Beyond a Limit is a hazard”

    The common practices among us is irregular sleeping. Night time is meant for us to sleep. Even birds is taking a sleep over night but the human beings has invented the light and utilising it in night and have lost their sleep. Most of the people usually justifies their situation by arising their question, we can have a sleep only when we feel sleepy.

    Sleep is the great blessing offered by god for us. After we slept, our body is performing many mysterious things. Our body brings out our deep hands, tired legs, slack parts of our body into a proper shape. These activities are not performed when we haven’t allotted time for sleeping.

    To have a good health, have a good Sleep.

    Feeling or position we get when we woke up early in the morning deserves the body enthu. When we woke up with refreshness and without any disturbances, Our body is said to be in good condition. While we getting pain or a disturbances when we woke up, then our physique is said to be unhealthy

    Thirst is a feel which indicates that the water content in our body has decreased. We must have a water only when we feels thirsty. No liquid other than water will be a cure for thirst.

    “நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு”. Similarly our should possess the equal water content

    Next important necessity for our body is Rest. We feel to have a relax when we works continuously. This is termed as rest. Sitting for a meantime is a rest for those who are standing and vice versa. This is what the rest required by our body.

    Our body functions properly and act as a good doctor for us, when we follow the regular habits of food practices, sleep, thirst, rest.

    The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” denotes only to keep our body healthy.

    When we are healthier and disease resistant, there is no necessary to worry about the disease.

    Generally a disease may come and go, but it shouldn’t sustain in our body. To have this merit, we should protect our body. These are the points we are insisting via the words “the world without drugs”