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Education Background
  • Destroying the Prosopis Juliflora (Karuvelam) tree to increase the Agricultural lands

    Long age, there is a proverb which illustrates when sparrow sit on a palm tree, palm fruit fells down. It is a great merit but nowadays Prosopis Juliflora (Karuvelam) is a great barrier for Agriculture.

    Long ago, Some politicians has given the way to plant Prosopis Juliflora (Karuvelam) in order to make the people of their country to get income via those woods. But nowadays those trees are acting as a great barrier to agriculture by absorbing the land, water and also the moisture capacity.

    Now also some people are ulitising such trees to run their life by cutting such trees and exporting those Charcoal to their home country and foreign countries.

    In the course of this present day, various organisation joins their hands to destroy the Prosopis Juliflora (Karuvelam) trees.

    We at Global Charitable Trust is also engaging ourself with those organisation to destroy such trees and promote those lands for agriculture.