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Education Background
  • Awareness about the Terrace garden to fulfil their basic food necessities

    Nature is God’s gift. Nature includes trees,plants which are the basic source for our food.

    Great doubts arises nowadays is whether we are having a healthier foods. All the food items are been infected before it is kept for sale.

    Vegetables and Fruits cultivated in our country is restricted to sale in other states due to usage of insecticides and pesticides during the stage of cultivation.

    We are in the stage of testing the milk given by mom ought to the evolveness of medicine.

    It is better to cultivate the required fruits and vegetables by own. Gardening is to be practised in our life to fulfil our needs.

    We should plant vegetables or fruits or spinach in our house backyard or portico. We can also proceed the same in our house terrace.

    We can utilize our household waste such as vegetable peels, rotten fruits etc as fertilizers. It is better to have a plants in waste paint buckets or eco bags. No need to spend on buying an appropriate pots for such plants

    We should come forward to cultivate the required vegetables, fruits, flowers without Chemical fertilizers instead we can use natural fertilizers. It is a great pleasure to be work with our family in our garden for our family. Working in the garden gives us a health benefits and also it refreshes our mind

    To gain all the benefits, We suggest you an idea to cultivate vegetables, Fruits, Flowers etc., in our garden.